Re: NumLock and Windows key

On Wed, 21 Jun 2000, Sean Thomas Middleditch wrote:

> When I configure my Windows key to open the menu, it only works with the
> NumLock off... apparantly, two different codes are generated for this
> key whether NumLock is on or off.  Is this a keymap specific thing (I'm
> using the stock English keymap for Linux-Mandrake 7.0)?  If not, is
> there an easy fix for this?  Perhaps allowing multiple keys to open the
> menu... (for example, only my left Windows key works, the right one
> generates yet another key-code.).

The numlock key is set up as a modifier key (like shift,alt,ctrl) by
default in X.  You can see the list of modifiers by running xmodmap.

When the numlock key is pressed, one of the modifier bits will be set when
you press the windows key.  The panel probably only binds to the windows
key with no modifiers set, which is probably why it didn't work for
you.  You will probably find control+windows key doesn't work either.

You can clear the keys associated with a particular modifer with 'xmodmap
-e "clear Modn"'.  For instance, if numlock is on mod2, use:
  xmodmap -e "clear Mod2"

> Thanks,
> Sean Etc.



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