Re: NumLock and Windows key

> The numlock key is set up as a modifier key (like shift,alt,ctrl) by
> default in X.  You can see the list of modifiers by running xmodmap.
> When the numlock key is pressed, one of the modifier bits will be set when
> you press the windows key.  The panel probably only binds to the windows
> key with no modifiers set, which is probably why it didn't work for
> you.  You will probably find control+windows key doesn't work either.
> You can clear the keys associated with a particular modifer with 'xmodmap
> -e "clear Modn"'.  For instance, if numlock is on mod2, use:
>   xmodmap -e "clear Mod2"

I'd prefer a much cleaner approach.. something that a desktop user wouldn't
even have to do it'd be so easy... ~,^.  Remember, we're working for
eas-of-use here.

Um, my current binding name in the panel config is 'Meta_L'.  If I turn on
NumLock and use the 'Grab Key' button to reassign the button, it shows
'Mod2-Meta_L'.  Also, I just found out that if I hit the 'Grab Key' button,
then hit NumLock, it stores 'Num_Lock'.  If NumLock is on and I try to grab
key and hit NumLock, it shows 'Mod2-Num_Lock'.  So, I think maybe the logic
in the Panel Config capplet is way too simple then if it's possible to filter
out these things... for starts, I wouldn't even think NumLock could be
registered this way...

OK, um, ignore my ramblings, I'm think on e-mail and all that...

I think the code is doing this:  It records the key and all modifiers that
are held down.  However, when it's checking the keys pressed to bring up the
actual menu, it is matching an exact copy of the key... key and modifiers,
not a 'logical and' or whatever is used on what I assume to be some bitflags
for the modifiers... in any case, the same modifiers have to be used, not
that modifiers plus others like it should handle.  Possibly.  Not sure.  Then
again, some people might not want ctrl-alt-meta to work but do want
ctl-meta...  ::sigh::

Someone more used to user-interface design help out here!  ~,^  This is kinda
annoying... modifier keys like alt that are only active when pressed (unless
there is a weird keyboard or config being used) should act like this, but
things like NumLock and Scroll Lock and such should NOT.

How do we fix this?

Sean Etc.

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