Re: MNG for gdk_pixbuf and gimp

Loban Rahman <> writes:
> Does anyone know if gdk_pixbuf and the gimp will be supporting the MNG format
> anytime soon? Initially I've used gif's to store animations. But gif's
> have the license problem and also doesn't support partial tranparency, so
> I've been saving animations as frames placed side by side in a PNG. If both
> the above programs support MNG soon, making an animation in the gimp
> and using it in gdk_pixbuf will be tons easier. (While on that topic, I have
> a feature request - an animation canvas widget. I'm starting to work on
> one myself, but wanted to make sure it hasn't already been started.)

gdk-pixbuf will support MNG as soon as someone implements such
support. The only way to know when that will be is to implement it
yourself. ;-)


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