setting up gmc/background-capplet on nfs system


I have been recently trying to install GNOME on my uni
network and I have encountered a small problem: 

I have fianlly suceeded at getting some stuff to work 
	- background-capplet.
	When I add the Background file in 
	$prefix/etc/gnome/config, I 'rm -rf ~/.gnome'
	The capplet stalls during GNOME startup. 
	It apears that putting a simple Background file
	does not make the capplet stall (ie: a file where
	only ONE background color without gradient is set)
	but putting a Background file with a gradient in
	this directory makes the capplet stall.

	- gmc.
	When launching gmc for the first time, it appears 
	that it is developing the filesystem tree resulting
	in a HUGE nfs slowdown. The server begins to get tired
	of this. Imagine 50 users trying to do the same !!
	So, question: is it possible to configure gmc to read only
	the user home directory without showing all of the tree ?

Any answer is welcome.


Mathieu Lacage,
212 rue de tolbiac, 75013 Paris, FRANCE

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