Re: Rebooting and halting the system in gnome

This can be solved via PAM, at least on recent RedHat systems. Look in
/etc/pam.d. In { halt, poweroff, reboot, shutdown } (don't known which is
the one, test...), remove the line

auth       required /lib/security/

It works for me...

(Side note: Anyone knows how to set up a RedHat box to boot and start
Gnome with a guest user without logging in?)

/Peter Astrand

Manuel Clos wrote:

> Sorry, but I got misunderstood. What I mean is when you hit the foot
> menu
> and then choose "end session" you are prompted what to do:
>         * end session
>         * halt the system
>         * reboot the system
> you can end session normally, but you will be prompted with your
> password
> (if you're not root) to halt or reboot the system. I want normal users
> to be able to reboot or halt without any password when they want to end
> session.

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