Re: Detect PPP interface ?

-> I am writing a simple ppp0 dialer ... and I wonder if anyone knows how
-> to detect if ppp0 is up and running in a simple way ... Would also be
-> nice to to get some status stuff too =)

	This question is kind of offtopic; please send all further
correspondance privately.

	To answer the question: look at the file /proc/net/dev or else run
the command /sbin/ifconfig and parse the output.  See the file
/usr/src/linux/Documentation/proc.txt for Linux-specific details.

-> All in this in GNOME of course =)

	PPP is just a network interface, no different from an Ethernet
interface or the loopback ( interface.

	That means PPP has nothing to do with your desktop gui
environment.  Whether or not you are running Gnome, PPP will act exactly
the same.  It also means that your app will need to support different
O.S.'s explicitly, since they report interface information differently.
(I.e., using /proc/net/dev will only work under Linux)


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