Re: "wait for" patch for gnome-session

Adrian> So I patched gnome-session to observe a "WaitFor" flag. When a
Adrian> programs starts with WaitFor set, gnome-session pauses the
Adrian> startup and waits for the program to finish. So I can mess up
Adrian> my passphrase as many times as it takes, I'm guaranteed that
Adrian> gnome-session will wait for me.

Something like this might be interesting.
For people using kerberos it would be nice to have a GUI wrapper for
kinit that could be launched from the session manager at startup.

Adrian> I also patched the session-properties-capplet to include a
Adrian> checkbox for setting the WaitFor flag.

I'd rather have the Gnome ssh-add GUI know to do this (and to set
restartanyway) automatically.

My understanding is that right now you have to create a .Xclients that
says "exec ssh-agent gnome-session" in order to have this work.  I'd
much prefer to see this done via some more user-friendly mechanism,
like a checkbox in the control center.

I definitely don't have time to implement this though :-(


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