"wait for" patch for gnome-session

I had this problem. When I start gnome-session, I have ssh-add configured
in session-manual. But when ssh-add popped up, gnome-session kept starting
other programs in the background. So I had to play "beat the clock" to get
my passphrase typed in - correctly - before my terminals started coming up
and trying to log in to the servers. 

So I patched gnome-session to observe a "WaitFor" flag. When a programs
starts with WaitFor set, gnome-session pauses the startup and waits for
the program to finish. So I can mess up my passphrase as many times as it
takes, I'm guaranteed that gnome-session will wait for me.

I also patched the session-properties-capplet to include a checkbox for
setting the WaitFor flag.

Would there be any interest in incorporating this patch?


	- A

"See? Because of me, now they have a warning."

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