Re: gnome-libs-1.0.56 compile bug: OSF/1 V4.0

Hello Jeff,

On Wed, Mar 01, 2000 at 02:46:54PM -0500, Jeff Abrahamson wrote:
> I'm compiling gnome-libs-1.0.56 on OSF/1 V4.0. The compile dies in
> gnome-libs-1.0.56/libgnomeui because (I think), for some reason,
> configure didn't include an explicit reference to -lintl on the
> compile line.

Please try using the configure line:

    CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/local/include LDFLAGS=-L/usr/local/lib ./configure

Also, make sure you have gettext-0.10.35.


P.S. I hope you're using at least V4.0d, right?

Aron Griffis            Compaq Computer Corporation, ZKO3-3/T30
Tru64 Hardware Support  110 Spit Brook Rd, Nashua, NH  03062

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