Re: window-in-window MDI

Please take this out. It reflects very poorly on Gnome to have poor UI's
as an option just because Microsoft had a stupid idea. Consistancy is
sometimes better than choice. I think that window-in-window is a bad hack
to compensate for a lack of Sawmill and anyone who likes window-in-window
needs re-education :). As for users asking for it, well users are not the
best HI designers and in practice many things that people ask for are
never things that they would really want to use if they could see how it
would really be. Almost everyone I have talked to about this thinks that
window-in-window is an abomination and Gnome should not have it.

On 14 Mar 2000, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Hi,
> Jaka recently committed new GnomeMDI stuff for window-in-window MDI to
> gnome-libs. I don't think we want to add this feature; I would much
> rather see documentation and enhanced support for the nicer form of
> MDI we already have.
> In fact I seem to remember that we explicitly allowed GnomeMDI only
> because it _wasn't_ window-in-window MDI.
> In any case this change should have gone by the mailing list before
> being committed.
> So, can we have some discussion of the change, and revert the change
> if there isn't a consensus to include it?
> Thanks,
> Havoc
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