Re: window-in-window MDI

At 09:28 PM 3/15/00 +0000, Aaron Lehmann wrote:

I'll admit, I'm somewhat clueless as to the difference between Gnome's MDI
and window-in-window MDI. Can someone perhaps take some screenshots of both
and throw up a page, perhaps even sending it to Gnome's developer pages so
that there's a page describing why This Is A Bad Thing?

>Please take this out. It reflects very poorly on Gnome to have poor UI's
>as an option just because Microsoft had a stupid idea. Consistancy is
>sometimes better than choice. I think that window-in-window is a bad hack
>to compensate for a lack of Sawmill and anyone who likes window-in-window
>needs re-education :). As for users asking for it, well users are not the
>best HI designers and in practice many things that people ask for are
>never things that they would really want to use if they could see how it
>would really be. Almost everyone I have talked to about this thinks that
>window-in-window is an abomination and Gnome should not have it.

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