Re: window-in-window MDI

# ok, this means that if I and a bunch of guys request whatever stupid
# feature (and people agree that _is_ a stupid feature) to be included 
# in gnome libs (let take apart the bloat) it would be included ?
# wow ...

There's degrees of stupidness and relevance. :-)

In my (very) humble opinion, whether a feature should be included or not
should be based on a number of factors:

- Did enough people request it to make it an issue? (If the answer to this
isn't yes, why are you talking about it in the first place? ;-)

- Is it something that should belong elsewhere? (relevance)

- Would implementing it disrupt what's already there? (i.e., is it
something that can be switched on/off easily, and does it break anything?)

- Would implementing it cause unavoidable bloat? (i.e., it can be switched
off, but not easily removed)

- Is it something that can easily be implemented as a separate add-on?

- Does anybody actually want to implement it, or have they already?

In the case of the window-in-window MDI, as far as I can tell, the answers
are (in order): yes, no, no, no, no, yes.

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