Re: window-in-window MDI

On Thu, 16 Mar 2000, Peter Hawkins wrote:

> Ok, I am hereby marking myself down as in need of "re-education", but
> I actually like window-in-window MDI. The thing I like about it is a)
> your application windows are grouped, you can kill, murder, maim,
> destroy, edit,minimize, maximize, etc. them all together and b) you
> can see multiple documents at once. Currently, none of gnome's MDI
> options offer both of these at once (one or the other, but not both).

Yes you can.  Sawmill (for one) supports window groups so you can eg. kill
or minimise all windows in a group in one go.

Also, most WMs support multiple desktops - if you want to group all your
windows from an app together you can stick them on a seperate desktop top
- but unlike WiW you are not restricted to doing this.


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