Re: window-in-window MDI

* Havoc Pennington ( wrote:
> Hi,
> Jaka recently committed new GnomeMDI stuff for window-in-window MDI to
> gnome-libs. I don't think we want to add this feature; I would much
> rather see documentation and enhanced support for the nicer form of
> MDI we already have.
> In fact I seem to remember that we explicitly allowed GnomeMDI only
> because it _wasn't_ window-in-window MDI.
> In any case this change should have gone by the mailing list before
> being committed.
> So, can we have some discussion of the change, and revert the change
> if there isn't a consensus to include it?
> Thanks,
> Havoc

I'd have to vote against having window-in-window MDI in gnome-libs at
all. The fact that it may be easy to do/already done is irrelavent.

This kind of UI is universally regarded as bad. Even MS are moving as
rapidly as they can away from it.

As a "Desktop Environment", GNOME has a responsibility to sometimes
make choices about what constitutes a good UI and act on them. Here
is such a choice. Why offer people the choice to use bad UI?

Most people agree that it is bad UI, why put it in gnome-libs? 

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