Re: window-in-window MDI

> Why offer people the choice to use bad UI?

1) Some people actually like it (even one person on this list admitted

2) It does no harm (at least, that's the assumption us proponents have
been working under)

3) Most importantly: if a company has a multi-window-UI-based software
product under Windows, and they want to "port" it to Gnome, it becomes
very easy to do.  Alternatively, if this UI does *not* exist under Gnome,
the company will be forced to re-think their UI, thus making the
conversion process non-trivial.

	The same principal applies to people cloning existing win32 apps.
Translating MSFC-based scrollbars, buttons, etc. into their Gtk+/Gnome
counterparts is very easy.  All you need to do is find the right Gtk+
widget and lay it out correctly.  "Mapping" one MDI-based interface to
another is not quite as easy.

	Finally, the end-users who wish to use these ported (or cloned)
applications will want a UI they are familiar with--even if it could be
improved upon.  Saying "here, learn this new UI, it's better (trust us)"
would cause more harm than having one extra MDI option.

	This discussion is boiling down to two schools:

a) it sucks, so leave it out


b) it does no harm, but might do (a little bit) good, so put it in

	Anything else (such as my #3 above :) is conjecture and opinion.  
I think the maintainers will simply need to make an exectutive decision.


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