Re: window-in-window MDI

* Derek Simkowiak ( wrote:
> > Why offer people the choice to use bad UI?
> 1) Some people actually like it (even one person on this list admitted
> it :)
> 2) It does no harm (at least, that's the assumption us proponents have
> been working under)
> 3) Most importantly: if a company has a multi-window-UI-based software
> product under Windows, and they want to "port" it to Gnome, it becomes
> very easy to do.  Alternatively, if this UI does *not* exist under Gnome,
> the company will be forced to re-think their UI, thus making the
> conversion process non-trivial.

Wait. I was under the impression that using wiw mdi was a *user*
preference. Developers have no control over it. So how does this help

The existing mdi code in gnome-libs follows an mdi model without
window-in-window, and allows the easy porting you speak of.

This makes your arguments redundant.

So the question is, why allow users the option to use a worse ui?

It just adds confusion for them. It's like me writing a pretty ui, and
then sticking an option in the preferences "Ugly mode".

Makes no sense =)

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