Re: window-in-window MDI

* Derek Simkowiak ( wrote:
> > Wait. I was under the impression that using wiw mdi was a *user*
> > preference. Developers have no control over it. So how does this help
> > them?
> 	My misunderstanding.  I thought the MDI could be hard-coded into
> the application by the developer (or at least, be set as the "default"
> when the application launches--thus presenting the user with the
> familiar win32-version interface to the program).

No. And in the second case, they'd have to code for the other form
anyway ;)

The idea of gnome-mdi is to allow this kind of porting, and to allow
the kind of grouping/global menus you get from mdi, without inheriting
the awful UI of WIW.

That is surely the way it should be.

/me pictures screenshots of GNOME on the UI half of shame. (option or
no option).

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