Re: window-in-window MDI

# it will harm MUCH more if users found a program that uses a style of 
# MDI, another uses another style, and so on ...

I was under the impression that the WiW is a global setting which affects
all applications, or if not, it's up to the user which applications they
switch it on for. If this is not the case, then it is *bad*.

However, if the user has to specifically switch on the option, then
there's no confusion: they know they've done it, so they are expecting it.
I fail to see how this causes harm.

My understanding was that the user isn't forced to use WiW MDI, and it
won't be switched on by default. The argument "it sucks" doesn't hold
water - it's your opinion, not a constructive criticism, and certainly no
reason not to include it. It may be an opinion shared by the majority, but
if you can't come up with a better argument against it than that, I
struggle to see the problem. If, in your opinion, it sucks then don't use

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