Re: window-in-window MDI

* Mo McKinlay ( wrote:
> # it will harm MUCH more if users found a program that uses a style of 
> # MDI, another uses another style, and so on ...
> I was under the impression that the WiW is a global setting which affects
> all applications, or if not, it's up to the user which applications they
> switch it on for. If this is not the case, then it is *bad*.
> However, if the user has to specifically switch on the option, then
> there's no confusion: they know they've done it, so they are expecting it.
> I fail to see how this causes harm.
> My understanding was that the user isn't forced to use WiW MDI, and it
> won't be switched on by default. The argument "it sucks" doesn't hold
> water - it's your opinion, not a constructive criticism, and certainly no
> reason not to include it. It may be an opinion shared by the majority, but
> if you can't come up with a better argument against it than that, I
> struggle to see the problem. If, in your opinion, it sucks then don't use
> it.

I think the main point is that it says "as far as GNOME is concerned,
WIW MDI is okay". GNOME is about creating a consistant desktop
environment, so this seems a contrary option.

I can't wait to see the first "WIW MDI mode recommended for best
performance" app ;)

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