Re: window-in-window MDI

# I think the main point is that it says "as far as GNOME is concerned,
# WIW MDI is okay". GNOME is about creating a consistant desktop
# environment, so this seems a contrary option.

I don't think this is the point at all; I think the point is "most of us
don't like it, but you might - use it, don't use it, it's up to you". I
don't really see how offering a choice about whether the user enables WiW
or not is contary to the consistent desktop environment goal - certainly
less so than letting the user choose which window manager they want to
use. If GNOME offers this kind of wide reaching choice, then why is this
small and unobtrusive (when disabled) option being chastised so? It seems
to me that everybody is making a mountain out of a molehill.

# I can't wait to see the first "WIW MDI mode recommended for best
# performance" app ;)

And that definitely *isn't* the point: in the same way that you won't get
any apps which say "WindowMaker recommended for best performance" - okay,
you might, but it would be really really really BAD. ;>

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