Re: Gnome Media Library

> Actually, though, as far as 3D goes, I
> think there are plenty of excellent 3D API that wrap Glide/OpenGL/DirectX as
> is.  I'm more interested in the other aspects, such as movie playback, sound
> playback, and networking.

	"Media" is defined as data that is dependent on time.  For
example, a sound file, an video, or a Flash-type animation.  It does not
have anything to do with realtime 3D (unless someone creates some kind of
animated 3D plugin, which I think is possible using VRML).

	The API we're working on will deal mostly with the input (file
loading, caputure), filtering (applying different transformations to the
data, such as adding reverb to sound in realtime, or perhaps applying a
Premiere-like filter to some video, or converting from one codec to
another), and output (display, playback, file saving, or perhaps

	One primary goal of this project is to abstrace the "media" data
type so that similar functions/procedures can be used to deal with media.
For instance, I imagine the game developer who, at the last minute,
replaces all his cutscene .AVIs with .MOVs, but doesn't need to change a
line of source code for his program...

> Ah, what's wrong with C++?

	Ask a NextStep programmer  :)

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