Re: Game programming (forked from: Gnome Media Library)

Derek Simkowiak wrote:

> > there's a nice wrapper/whatever-you-call-it for C++, I'll be happy!
> > ;-)  Not that my happiness matters, but as a game developer, I know
> > that straight C is dying... nothing is used in high-end games except
> > C++, the occassional assembler, and the odd scripting-language to
> > control internal events.  So I like C++.  So there.  :P
>         This is interesting to know...
>         Things may be different in the Open Source universe, however.
> OpenGL (and Loki's new, yet promising OpenAL) is C, and Id recently
> released the source to Quake I under the GPL (and Quake was in C).
>         It'll be interesting to watch.
> --Derek

As I said, OpenGL is icky to work with compared to C++ API's.  I haven't
had the pleasure of working with OpenAL (but it sounds cool).  And Quake
is a tad bit primitive.... though I'd love to rip QuakeC out of it and
use it for a few things... :)

Actually, I think the only C API's I've used that I've actually liked are
GTK/GNOME are some of the libraries I'm writing for a few of my current
projects (I'm writing them in C for portability, of course, even though
I haven't the slightest idea what OTHER stuff I have to do to make them
portable... I'm OS uncultured, I suppose.  ;-)

Sean mIddleditch

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