Re: Gnome Media Library

Derek Simkowiak wrote:

> > Actually, though, as far as 3D goes, I
> > think there are plenty of excellent 3D API that wrap Glide/OpenGL/DirectX as
> > is.  I'm more interested in the other aspects, such as movie playback, sound
> > playback, and networking.
>         "Media" is defined as data that is dependent on time.  For
> example, a sound file, an video, or a Flash-type animation.  It does not
> have anything to do with realtime 3D (unless someone creates some kind of
> animated 3D plugin, which I think is possible using VRML).

As I said, I don't expect this library to do 3D stuff.  I already have a great 3D
engine for game use (CrystalSpace, it rocks, hehe).  I AM interested in something
to do nice movie playback, audio, etc., since I can't stand any of the tools
I have.  The media playback tools I can find don't play half the media types I
want correcty, the movie player I have (that being KDE's) distorts all my movies,

>         The API we're working on will deal mostly with the input (file
> loading, caputure), filtering (applying different transformations to the
> data, such as adding reverb to sound in realtime, or perhaps applying a
> Premiere-like filter to some video, or converting from one codec to
> another), and output (display, playback, file saving, or perhaps
> streaming/broadcasting).


>         One primary goal of this project is to abstrace the "media" data
> type so that similar functions/procedures can be used to deal with media.
> For instance, I imagine the game developer who, at the last minute,
> replaces all his cutscene .AVIs with .MOVs, but doesn't need to change a
> line of source code for his program...

Now that's nice.

> > Ah, what's wrong with C++?
>         Ask a NextStep programmer  :)

 I don't know any..... ;-)

Sean Middleditch

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