Re: System administration with GNOME.

#  -Please no central configuration files. I hate registries.

That's an interesting view. In concept, the registry is a good idea - I
mean, find all your configuration stuff in one place, instead of 37
million different places. The problem with them is that either

a) The guidelines for using them are crappy

b) The guidelines for using them are ignored (usually because of [a])

If constructed and used properly, registries work - after all, you're
talking about creating a single configuration tool to handle everything,
what about a single place to store all the config stuff? The principle is
the same, unfortunately the practice isn't :-(

#  In the end, I think that making a better linuxconf would be the right 
# way to go.

Please, a MUCH better linuxconf.

IMHO you want to make it pluggable, so that distributors can create
snap-in administrative modules specific to that distribution, etc. 
#  The rest can go by version, OS, distro, kernel version, cpu type ....

That's a helluva lot of combinations :-)

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