Re: System administration with GNOME.

>  -Please no central configuration files. I hate registries.

I think it is pretty obvious that we have to manipulate the existing
system files or talk to the existing system services.  I am not
suggesting we create a meta-Unix, but just that we provide nice
configuration tools for the existing Unix system.

Ie, if you want to manipulate inetd services, you would have to be
able to parse, and update the /etc/inetd.conf properly.  Not any other

>  -Use existing configuration tools, since all OS's have their own 
> usually text based stuff and in the worst case one can edit 
> configuration files by hand.

When available, sure.

>  -Make a central tool that 'ships' with the correct set of plugins a 
> la linuxconf. Allow plugins to be added. We could have plugins for 
> firewall, protsentries, device settings, apache.

A plugin would be basically another set of scripts.  No big deal.

>  -Like linuxconf, plug yourself in the init sequence, preferably at 
> the end so that we can reset stuff that might be misconfigured.

Worth considering, sure.


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