Re: Right Click

Sean Thomas Middleditch <> writes:

>   1) Ability for programs to add types to the "new" menu... so, for
> example, Abiword could add an item 'New Abiword Document' so that you
> could just right-click and start a new AbiWord document (not something
> I'd use, but some people I'm trying to convert from Windows to Linux
> seem to like the feature).

This can already be done with GMC by putting a .desktop file in
share/mc/templates.  Well, it appears under File->New in the menu and
on the root window right click menu.

>   2) Log-out option.  I'd love to just be able to right-click and select


>   3) A way to create a new panel.  If I were to go and delete all my

It's not quite a right click but there is the menu key for the panel.
Personally I would like the ability to bind a mouse button to popup the panel
menu, although this may take window manager functionality away.


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