Re: Right Click

David A Knight wrote:

> Sean Thomas Middleditch <> writes:
> >   1) Ability for programs to add types to the "new" menu... so, for
> > example, Abiword could add an item 'New Abiword Document' so that you
> > could just right-click and start a new AbiWord document (not something
> > I'd use, but some people I'm trying to convert from Windows to Linux
> > seem to like the feature).
> This can already be done with GMC by putting a .desktop file in
> share/mc/templates.  Well, it appears under File->New in the menu and
> on the root window right click menu.
> >   2) Log-out option.  I'd love to just be able to right-click and select
> <snip>
> >   3) A way to create a new panel.  If I were to go and delete all my
> It's not quite a right click but there is the menu key for the panel.
> Personally I would like the ability to bind a mouse button to popup the panel
> menu, although this may take window manager functionality away.
> David
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ya, but the menu key is kinda screwy in Sawfish... I have to set the 'focus
delay' up to 100 milliseconds or more for new windows else the menu ends up
behind all the other windows, but with it on, all full-screen OpenGL apps (using
XF86 4) end up getting an annoying blank window sitting in the upper-left corner
that kinda blocks my view.

I think an option with the right click would be more intuitive.

Sean Middleditch

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