Re: Nautilus

On Thu, May 04, 2000 at 02:47:22AM -0700, Loban Rahman wrote:
> So today I decided I to try out Nautilus. I downloaded all the packages
> mentioned in the HACKING file from CVS, and compiled them with
> --prefix=$HOME/usr so as not to interfere with my current Gnome
> installation.
> There were a couple of things that I needed to do to make it work, in
> particular linking the * files in $HOME/usr/lib to /usr/lib so
> that gnome-config finds them (anyway to tell gnome-config to check
> other directories for * files?) and installing some other packages
> like makeinfo and libwww.

You can set GNOME_PATH, and gnome-config will check those directories
too. for example, if you have some libraries installed in /opt/gnome,

export GNOME_PATH='/opt/gnome'

and gnome-config will find the files for those libraries as
well as the ones in the location gnome-libs itself is in. (put it
in your .bash_profile ;)

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