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> On Thu, 04 May 2000, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> >
> > There's AC3D and Blender... AC3D requires a $40 registration and Blender
> > will be made free in late June this year.  They're the best there is on
> > Linux, next to say Pixar's software which has a $5,000 license fee.
> Pixar only has Renderman running on Linux - it's hardly a
> modeling/animation package.

Whatever... I don't know much about any software that costs more than $50,
since I don't even consider using it.  ~,^

> > There's also projects like Pretty Poly and Me3D, but they're in very
> > development, and not of much use right now.  I believe most 3D work done
> > Linux (as far as games, at least), is done in AC3D or Blender, however.
> Writing a good 3D modeling/animation package is _a lot_ of work, some of
> it is pretty tedious. I know because I've been a 3rd party developer for
> 3D Studio MAX and had the access to core architecture and so on. I've
> often thought about starting such a project, but it would need a team of
> dedicated developers more than a little time to produce the basics of
> such a system.

I'm aware of this.  There ARE good projects out there, it's just that
they're not even close to being done yet.  It'd be nice if they could get
paid for their work, because then they could devote all their time to it.
Proprietary software has that ONE advantage, at least with small teams.  Get
into projects that have many developers, and the time issue doesn't make
that much a difference... ^,^

> -Andrei
> "In My Egotistical Opinion, most people's C programs should be indented
> six feet downward and covered with dirt." -- Blair P. Houghton

Sean Middleditch

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