Integrating Freecell Solver with GNOME Freecell and AisleRiot

Hello all!

My name is Shlomi Fish, and I am the maintainer of Freecell Solver, which
is a C program that automatically solves Freecell Games. I woule like to
get in touch with someone who can be my contact person so I'll be able to
integrate it into GNOME AisleRiot and/or GNOME Freecell, so those games
will have a Freecell hint facility.

Freecell solver is very fast, and on a Pentium 166 running Linux, it can
solve 100 games (some of which require over 60000 iterations to solve) in
under two minutes. Typical AisleRiot and Freecell games normally require
less than 500 iterations.

Thanks in advance,

	Shlomi Fish

Shlomi Fish 
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