how can I add an scripting language to my application ?


I want to add an scripting language to an application (actually I want to
add an scripting language to Code Commander). How may I do this ?

I could create perl wrapers for a C library using SWIG , but there is a
problem: when I run the macros (using perl) , the perl interpreter is a
different process so it can't access my program variables and specially
the GTK widgets!

How may I overcome this ? I was thinking about using SVIPC facilities
(share memory,message ques) , but the problem is that the Gtk objects are
allocated using g_malloc , how can I use shared memory ?

The must be some other solution. I see at the developers site that
scripting is related to CORBA. How may I use CORBA for this ?
(is it the right solution)

I know nothing about CORBA. Is there some good tutorial (or simple example
program) about using CORBA in gnome applications ?

Please help me.Thank you

"Will the sources be with you"

				Pablo De Napoli

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