GDM chooser

This isn't the gdm list but...

I (and others I have talked to) have failed to get the gdmchooser 
to work.  I know there have been some posts about this recently 
but none of them seemed to cover the chooser (i.e. -indirect).

Here is the scenario:

I have 3 linux (m1, m2, m3) running gdm with:


with no local servers running.

Then I run:

m1 $ X -indirect m2

This should result in m1 machine being presented with a list
of machines willing to manage X displays (this list should 
include m1 itself, of course).  However all I ever get is the
greeter from m2.

Has ANYONE got the gdmchooser to work?
I will start wading through the gdm source unless someone
has a soln.

sam clegg
www  :
public key :

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