Re: Audio for Apps

On Fri, May 19, 2000 at 01:10:28AM +0000, Jeff Harris wrote:

>    I read about Gnome recently and would like to contribute some audio.  My
> company, <> creates audio, narration & FX's
> for the web.  I understand that it would need to be free for the development
> of Gnome.
>    If there are any developers that need audio sound bites for their apps, I
> might be able to help.


<Takes a deep breathe>

[ Paraphrase of my email about starting the GNOME Sound Improvement Project. ]

I've been tossing around an idea that I had: produce, one of the things that is
lacking in Open Source Software, good quality sounds. I am a live sound/recording
engineer. With that said is anyone working on this? I would like to contribute
and or start this but... I don't own enough equipment, and I would need some
funding, for equipment, to start the project.


I privately emailed a developer, and he suggested I contact a few places for
funding, about a week ago. What timing. :)

I'm sure we can collaborate, if you are interested.
What I was thinking was along the lines of first getting out the "core" sounds,
then sounds for apps like evolution/nautilus, and finally other apps and games.

THEN, produce sound packs or themes for GNOME or any other open source project.
There are many OSS projects out there that need good sounds/efx.


All music aspires to the condition of muzak.

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