Re: GConf

"Don Pellegrino" <> writes: 
> Could I possibly build GConf into a Win32 DLL using Borland as the 
> code stands now?  I downloaded the code but I am still learning how 
> to deconstruct the's into something I could base a 
> Borland build on.  What are the dependencies for GConf?  Are those 
> all ported to Win32 yet?

Your problem would be ORBit; it's the only dependency that hasn't been
ported. Other than that, a win32 port would probably be easy.
> If GConf is not ready for Win32 what could I use to keep with the 
> Gnome/GNU architecture for storing configuration information?  I am 
> inclined to use a simple text file in the same directory and the 
> libgome gnome-conf stuff mentioned in section 5.4 of Pennington's 
> book would be great but again there is no Win32 port of libgnome.

You might consider an XML text file (using libxml), or even the
registry. Also, Windows should have code for parsing .ini files (this
is basically the same format libgnome uses).


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