Re: applications quit with gnome-terminal

Jacob Berkman <> writes: 
> Something similar to this was filed in Red Hat's bugzilla, and hp
> forwarded it up to GNOME's BTS a couple of days ago:

The Bugzilla bug is also from Mate Wierdl. 

> I have a fix for this, but the emacs behaviour still seems to happen,
> which I'll look into.

The fact that Emacs quits when you exit is just that bash kills its
child jobs when it exits. tcsh doesn't kill backgrounded jobs (it does
a "disown" automatically, bash requires you to manually "disown").

Owen suggested that Zvt could check argv[0] of the child, if it's bash
delete_event on the gnome-terminal could send "logout" to the child
instead of destroying the window. If there are stopped jobs the logout
won't do anything. Seems like a scary hack to me, but...


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