I just read the current Gnome feature on developer.gnome.org by Havoc 
Pennington (great book by the way).  GConf looks like a very 
sophisticated design.  The second line of the article mentions that 
GConf can be used with plain GTK+ which is great, especially for me 
since I am currently doing GTK+ programming on NT.

Could I possibly build GConf into a Win32 DLL using Borland as the 
code stands now?  I downloaded the code but I am still learning how 
to deconstruct the Makefile.am's into something I could base a 
Borland build on.  What are the dependencies for GConf?  Are those 
all ported to Win32 yet?

If GConf is not ready for Win32 what could I use to keep with the 
Gnome/GNU architecture for storing configuration information?  I am 
inclined to use a simple text file in the same directory and the 
libgome gnome-conf stuff mentioned in section 5.4 of Pennington's 
book would be great but again there is no Win32 port of libgnome.

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