Re: applications quit with gnome-terminal

On 20 May 2000, Jacob Berkman wrote:

> > The only *good* application I found was xterm.  Indeed, and xterm
> > started from a GT does not exist when GT exits.
> > 
> > Can this behavior be changed?
> Something similar to this was filed in Red Hat's bugzilla, and hp
> forwarded it up to GNOME's BTS a couple of days ago:
> I have a fix for this, but the emacs behaviour still seems to happen,
> which I'll look into.

If I'm not mistaken, this is due to the shell sending SIGHUPs to all
the subprocesses. xterm simply traps SIGHUP and ignores it; whether
it's the "right thing" to do for gnome-term isn't clear, at least to me.
It's certainly more intuitive, though. (That gnome-term ignores sighup)

	- Vlad

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