Re: Encoding for gnome-core/panel/panel.hints

at 19 May 2000 01:18:35 +0200,
Karl Eichwalder <> wrote:
>>   May be this is done by simple perl scripts.
>Yes, using XML::Parser und XML::DOM -- but I'm not familiar with these
>perl modules.

  Yesterday, I've tried to write a tool to split/merge panel.hints by
  using perl XML::DOM modules, but I met 'not well formed' error. So
  I'm thinking write a tool by using C (or XS) with gnome-xml (ver.1)

At 22 May 2000 04:16:28 +0200,
Karl Eichwalder <> wrote:
> Yes, sounds like a way to go in the future.  And the master file should
> add timestamp attribute ("changed") and perhaps an id to every single
> hint:
> <GnomeHints>
>   <Hint id="panel1" changed="2000-05-22">
>     To end your GNOME session, click on the foot
> icon to open the Main Menu and select 'Log 
> out' from the 'Desktop' submenu.</Hint>
> </GnomeHints>

  To identify the content hints, can we use a hash (or digest,
  signature, etc.) of text?

  First, canonicalize the original (untranslated, English) message,
  and calculate the digest of it. And translated message tagged by the
  hash is included in hints file.

  The method like this is useful to automate the translation works,
  and may be applied to other text messages (help file, hints file,
  pot files, etc.).

  KUSANO Takayuki <URL:>

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