Re: Where to start with GTK+

-> I am currently familuar with console programming and I want to make the
-> jump to GTK+ programming. What is the best resource and most detailed
-> that will help me?, start with the Tutorial.  From there, dink around
with the different Gtk+ widgets to build some U.I.s and become familiar
with the different widgets.

	Once you understand signals, events, packing, and other basics buy
"Developing Linux Applications with GTK+ and GDK" by Eric Harlow, and
"GTK+/Gnome Application Development" by Havoc Pennington.  I'm not sure
about Eric's book, but Havoc's book (sometimes called GGAD) is available
freely online (although a printed copy is the most practical).

	Eric's book is more introductory, and Havoc's book goes into some
depth.  I think both books are pretty good, but Eric's book has been
criticized for not being in-depth/technical enough, and Havoc's has been
criticized for being *too* technical and assuming the programmer knows too

	Both books are published by New Riders.

	Also, see the Documentation available under and  By now, there may be other books published too, but
I have not read them.

	And, of course, this is Open Source software; there's no better
place to learn than reading through the source code of some of the basic


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