Re: Where to start with GTK+

Derek Simkowiak <> writes: 
> 	Once you understand signals, events, packing, and other basics buy
> "Developing Linux Applications with GTK+ and GDK" by Eric Harlow, and
> "GTK+/Gnome Application Development" by Havoc Pennington.  I'm not sure
> about Eric's book, but Havoc's book (sometimes called GGAD) is available
> freely online (although a printed copy is the most practical).
> 	Eric's book is more introductory, and Havoc's book goes into some
> depth.  I think both books are pretty good, but Eric's book has been
> criticized for not being in-depth/technical enough, and Havoc's has been
> criticized for being *too* technical and assuming the programmer knows too
> much.

My book says in the beginning you're supposed to have read something
like Harlow's book first, and be a good C programmer, so I don't know
why people are always whining about that. ;-) Fair warning!

Anyway, I would also recommend the GNOME/GTK Programming Bible by
Arthur Griffith and GTK in 21 Days by Donna Martin. Both are decent
books, though I usually dismiss any book with "21" or "Bible" in the
title out of hand. ;-) Both authors have been seen hanging around our
mailing lists, etc. and studied their topic pretty well. I think these
books are more up-to-date and complete than Eric's book.


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