Re: Where to start with GTK+

On May 24, 2000, Havoc Pennington <> wrote:
> Derek Simkowiak <> writes: 
> > 	Eric's book is more introductory, and Havoc's book goes into some
> > depth.  I think both books are pretty good, but Eric's book has been
> > criticized for not being in-depth/technical enough, and Havoc's has been
> > criticized for being *too* technical and assuming the programmer knows too
> > much.
> My book says in the beginning you're supposed to have read something
> like Harlow's book first, and be a good C programmer, so I don't know
> why people are always whining about that. ;-) Fair warning!

I have a book coming out in August or September which lies somewhere in
the middle, between Havoc's and Eric's books, except it's more GNOME-
specific.  I go over the basic concepts of GTK+, but like Havoc's book,
I assume a basic knowledge of GTK+.  Also, it covers gdk-pixbuf and the
graphics infrastructure, so that part may apply more to GTK+ (especially
since gdk-pixbuf is soon to become part of GTK+).

The book is titled Writing GNOME Applications.  Addison-Wesley is
working (very slowly, unfortunately) on a free license for their books,
similar to the one New Riders has been using.  As soon as that license
finalizes, I'll be able to put it all up on the web.  I'm hoping that
will be sometime in the near future.  I suppose it's pretty tricky to
get it right, as they (Pearson) are an international company.



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