Re: GNOME font library RFC

> I would encourage you, if you are going to be putting a lot of effort
> into designing something, is to conserve effort and fix the font problem
> for Unix, and not just fix the font problem for GNOME. That is, make something
> that can be used as the next generation font API for X.

I think Lauris plan's would be pretty much among these lines (at least
the Ghostscript stuff, becoming an X font server, and providing font
outlines to applications).

But what we have discussed before is enhancing our libart/canvas based
infrastructure to provide applications with a better rendering
framework than the one currently available.  And this is a GNOME

> For the more client-side stuff. I would encourage you to again save
> effort and work on GnomeText-Font-Print / Pango integration. 

Yep.  That would be nice.


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