Re: GNOME font library RFC

> Font server.
> This should keep an eye on hot directories and update its internal font
> list, if user drops/deletes some interesting (pfb, ttf) files. It acts as
> central font resource, distributing fonts to clients via CORBA.
> Possible additional functions:
> - It can generate GhostScript fontmap
> - It can act as X font server
> - It can somehow handle font URL-s

This sounds beautiful Lauris!  That being said, I think we should
not try to implement everything in a first pass.

For example, the API for managing fonts might be the same from the
GNOME side of things, and we can incrementally tackle the various
features in there.

We can begin by extending our font support for now (as I talked to you
in a previous message) and later on add these sort of features you
mention here, incrementally.


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