Re: Gnome File Manager: proposal for a new feature

Thu, May 25, 2000 at 07:21:29PM +0200 Harald Knierim wrote:
> Hello dear developers,
> there is one thing I am missing in the Gnome File Manager: There is no way to
> get information on the SUM of bytes recursively collected within a directory.
> I mean: Right-clicking on a directory, properties. A directory has 1024 Bytes
> for example although there could be many files included which altogether
> exceed these 1024 Bytes. O.K. this is like in every command line UNIX/LINUX
> shell. But I think GNOME is also a drag-and-drop desktop application and it
> would be very useful to have this feature in.
> Can I hope to see this one day? Or is it already implemented in 1.2?
> I am using Red Hat 6.0 and Gnome 1.04.

Yes, it is implemented, just slightly different way.

select directories you want to know sizes for, and, under Files menu, choose
"Show Directory Sizes" (Datei -> Verzeichnisgrossen anzeigen). The
recursively counted sizes of directories are displayed. Be sure to choose
Detailed or Custom view to see those sizes.

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