Launcher feature suggestion

Greetings, all...

Here are a couple of suggestions for whoever is hacking on the Launcher
panel applet:

1) Add an option for some text in the icon. I have a drawer with a dozen
telnet launchers with the gnome-terminal icon (for all my servers) and
it would be really nice if I were able to specify some text (e.g. the
machine name) that would be superimposed over the icon so that I can
tell them apart at a glance.

2) Add an initial geometry option to the launcher. If the "run in
terminal" checkbox is checked, it'd be nice to be able to specify the
initial window size (e.g. 132x44).


        John Hardin
        Internal Systems Administrator
        Apropos Retail Management Systems, Inc.
        <johnh aproposretail com>  -  (425) 672-1304 x265

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