Re: new behavior with gnome-libs 1.2.8

kažkada, berods An, 2000-11-21 14:10+0100, Stéphane Genaud rašė:
> My app. both has a gtk window and an applet, like gnomeicu.
> When the user wants to exit i used to do gtk_main_quit() and
> the applet terminated at the same time.
> Now, i get a popup saying 
> "your applet appears to have died unexpectedly. Reload this applet ?"
> Note that you can get this message if you shutdown gnomeicu with
> the window menu "ICQ->exit".
> My question is : what is now the clean way to terminate an applet ?

That behavior was not changed, I understand. The only thing was added that
dialog, that notifies user when applet exit by any other way than selecting
"Remove from panel" in applet's menu. It is good, if any of the applets
really crash. But this does not distinct crashing from normal exiting. So
should be changed in gnome panel I think? Or this behavior of gnomeicu
(saving preferences when it's removed from panel) is considered bad?

Gediminas Paulauskas

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