Re: How to make GNU software

    All "major" Documentation projects that I know seem to be making the switch to
    DocBook XML. I think the GNU project should re-evaluate this requirement and
    either switch to DocBook XML as the official format for documentation, or
    allow both types (at the author's descretion).

It is ok to use DocBook XML if it can be converted automatically to
Texinfo.  (This is stated in the GNU Coding Standards.)

A year or more ago, we recruited people to work on automatic
converters from DocBook SGML to Texinfo.  I think that some people are
now using these converters, but I don't know how well they actually
work; also, I don't know whether they handle DocBook XML as well as
DocBook SGML.  If they don't do the whole of the job that is needed,
helping to finish them would be a very useful thing to do.

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