Re: menu panel and the macintosh menu bar

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Mark <jamess1 wwnet com> writes:
> > I'm the person who initiated that recent discussion, and submitted the
> > patch. I'm not sure the way these things usually procede, this is my
> > first contribution to the gnome project, but I just assumed that since
> > there is no more to discuss I would just continue until the new patch is
> > finished. I guess a timeline of some sort might be helpful. What version
> > of gnome do the rest of you think this should be targeted at? 1.4? And
> > about when would this version be released. Also for my future reference
> > (so I can make a proper patch), what is the coresponding branch in
> > CVS?
> It should be targetted at 2.0 - 1.4 is already sort of frozen for the
> last month or more. 2.0 won't be out for at least 6 months, but I'm
> sure lots of people will be running the unstable version well before
> that.

Hmm, that is a lot longer than I had hoped. Oh well.

> I'm not sure there is a 2.0 branch in CVS yet, at least not for
> gnome-core.
> > I should note that I'm working to make gnome menus work with KDE too.
> > I'm not sure how many gnome/KDE people there are, but it would probably
> > be nice for them to have gnome global menus work in KDE and vice versa.
> >
> Interoperability is a big deal here, because there's only one global
> menu spot, and so if you plan to run KDE apps on a GNOME desktop or
> vice versa we need to support the same method of doing the global
> menu.
> I would suggest that we get the global menu mechanism documented in
> the next version of the window manager spec
> ( The first step
> there would be to see what KDE does, see if that works well and will
> work for GNOME, if so I'd say just propose on wm-spec-list that it be
> standardized, if not go on that list and propose a modified method
> that would work for us.

The KDE method is to set the _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE hint, and make the menu
window transient for the parent window. I have got the menu to work in
KDE, except for the window border was present, I haven't looked into
this one yet.

Right now I'm working on a panel applet to capture the menu window.


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