Re: menu panel and the macintosh menu bar

Jonathan LaCour wrote:
> Mark,
> Keep me updated on the progress of this project.  I would be interested in
> seeing the applet when you reach a stable point.  I may be able to help
> sometime in the next few weeks, but I would imagine that you would already
> be close to done by then. 

Well, I'll keep you in mind in case I have any trouble. I'd like to have
a patch pretty soon though.

> I would like to see this applet at least
> *available* in some form before GNOME 1.4 even comes out.  I think that if
> it is made available as a normal applet on the GNOME website, people will
> start to download it, and someone will finally have the heart to add it to
> gnome-applets or gnome-core =) 

Unfortunately it's not as simple as that. This modification requires a
patch to gnome-libs as well. I can understand Havoc's reluctence to add
it to gnome-libs 1.4. I will probably make available unofficial patches
for people who want the global menu but don't want to wait for gnome

> Good work!  How is it coming?

I got it to work in KDE today. In fact it would work in gnome if you
were using kwin (the KDE window manager). I'm going to now work on the
panel applet some more, I'd really much rather have it on the panel,
than as a static uncustomizeable window as in KDE.


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