Re: Problems with .gnome-desktop and recursiveness.

Erik Bågfors <bagfors pdc kth se> wrote on 10/10/2000 (14:30) :
> Do your backups smarter!!  Check out rsync or at least try this:
> tar cf - username | ssh otherhost "cd ~/Backup; tar xf -"
> (see man tar for better options that just c and x)

I know how to use tar!! And I was not talking about the day to day
backup. We were going to put things on a CD to keep in case things went
wrong or we needed the files on a different (off-line) machine!

Of course one can do the backup in another way, but I didn't think of
the .gnome-desktop directory and it's linking problems when I started
the backup!! And I am not sure I'll be the only one coming across this

Preben Randhol - Ph.D Student - []
          «Lykkelig er den som Musene har elsket.»    (Hesiod)

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